Christmas is the time we celebrate Jesus coming down to Earth as fully man and fully God, he called people and is still calling people today. As we enjoy the Christmas season let's make sure we're listening for the call of Christ this Christmas.

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Nehemiah was a man who was willing to do hard word to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. As he did this he also served and built up the people around him in many ways. How should we be like Nehemiah?

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Esther was an orphaned girl, living in a land that her family had been brought to out of captivity. God chose this every day beautiful young woman to help save an entire nation, as she and her uncle lived boldly for God.

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We are made to worship God. Let's learn a little more about how we are to do that.

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We all have a past. There are hurts and regrets, shame and disappointment. But what do we do now?

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We are studying the book of Philippians. As we do look into this book, we will discover what it means to live as God desires.